Gangteng Drupchen and Festival

Gangteng goenpa is located in central Bhutan under wanduephodrang district about 2 hours drive from wangdue town, and it is one of the oldest nyingmapa monastery in the country where his holiness gangteng rinpoche is the head of monastery and he is also the president of nyingma foundation in the country.

Gangteng drupchen and tshechu will be as usual doing in the month of September annually, this will be the special events in gangteng for our Travelers where His Holiness will be present and drupchen will be always presided over by rinpoche.

Gangteng Drupchen will be held for 8 consecutive days, after completion of drupchen there will be doing gangtey tshechu rehearsal for two days and then followed by gangtey main Tshechu for 3days, and final day of Tshechu monastery will be displaying the big thangka ( liberation by seen) commonly known as Thongdrell to the public.

Total of 5 days Gangtey Tshechu will be conducting by performing various and most significant mask dances by the monks of GANGTENG monastery and also the various cultural shows will be performing to the public.

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